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05 Mar '21
06 Mar '21
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Regeneration in Świnoujście

In our resort we have extensive facilities that enable effective forms of rehabilitation and therapy. We care about proper body functioning. Our specialists watch over the selection of appropriate treatment, take into consideration limitations and help with correct exercise. Qualified physiotherapists take care of rehabilitation and supporting activities, such as kinesiotaping and massages. In addition, a fully equipped fitness room awaits guests, where experienced trainers provide assistance and advice in choosing the optimal set of exercises, as well as conduct personal training. The place is also ideal for gymnastics and rehabilitation exercises recommended by a physiotherapist, doctor or other type of specialist. In our resort we offer Nordic Walking conducted under the supervision of the instructor, in a seaside setting and beneficial microclimate. 

Offer tailored to fit your needs

Offer tailored to fit your needs

Guests can choose from a variety of massages and physiotherapy treatments, including:

  • manual therapy
  • dry needling
  • candling
  • deep tissue massage
  • acupressure
  • Ayurveda

as well as many other types of massages and treatments - detailed information about them can be found here.

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